Human beings have fought fiercely throughout history to claim the right to equality, and that demand is what inspires this collection. Each model symbolizes an area of conquest.

Jorge, with his neat and aristocratic volume, represents the French Revolution, the beginning of what made us all free and equal.

Cheru, with his disparate lengths, refers to slavery. The X on the mouth links him to Malcolm X, but also to the fact that the slaves’ words were not heard. The marks on his skin represent the lashes.

Harry, with the image of the kiss on the Berlin Wall and his mullet with pink tips, represents the lack of freedom of expression and thought until the Fall of the Wall in Eastern Europe.

The latest model, Fernando, claims with his asymmetric haircut respect for difference, for the sexual freedom of people, gays, lesbians, trans… to sexually orient ourselves to where we feel. In addition, the message is reinforced with the presence of watercolors, with a technique of spontaneous realism that shows the strong link between the art of painting and the art of hairdressing. These were created by Mokart.


Hair: La Barbería de Oliver @Salvador_Oliver__ @labarberiadeoliver

Hair Assistant: Monica Moreno @monica_moreno_c

Photography: Juan Francisco Pagan @juanfranciscopagan

Retouche: Javier Villalabeitia @javiervillalabeitia

MUA: Monica Moreno @monica_moreno_c

Styling: Salvador Oliver @Salvador_Oliver__

Spontaneous Realism Artist: Raquel Moreno @mokart_raquel

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