Full-bodied fringes, thick-knit 80s texture and unicorn braids: Saint Algue created a marriage between dynamic and casual hair utilising soft lines and fluid styling to create delicate color reflections for the Dolce Vita Collection.

Featuring a smoky effect on the contours of the face, the parade of unique short cuts enhances the facial features of each individual model. If slightly moved, styling makes the hairstyle shaggy and natural. For medium lengths, wavy effect made with conical iron. The carriage is completed with a full fringe that emphasises the look. The curves add movement to the underlying deep reflections. Dense and bulky curls form a „boule“ effect of the 80s while collected in a low hair tie. For men, shorts styles were sculpted with gel and medium messy lengths had more movement. The braids are inspired by the universe of unicorns, which happen to be very trendy at this time.

Hair: Saint Algue

Styling: Chloé Para

Make-up: Camille Arnaud

Photos: Yves Botallico

Плътни ресни, плътна текстура от 80-те години и плитки еднорог: Saint Algue създаде брак между динамична и небрежна коса, използвайки меки линии и флуиден стил, за да създаде нежни цветни отражения за колекцията Dolce Vita.

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